Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Free donuts and an Invitation to the Movies

He was probably there for the free donut. 

We were too. 

My son and I bought two more donuts and a chocolate milk. 

From across Krispy Kreme, I watched him drinking coffee, eating his donut, and looking dejected. 

Lonely. Bored. Clothing tattered. Was he homeless? 

After our donuts, I planned to take my son to see The Greatest Showman

A crazy thought popped into my mind. Would the homeless looking man enjoy this movie too? Should we ask him to join us? No, that would be crazy. Unsafe. The thought wouldn't leave me. I mentioned it to my son. 

Who PROMPTLY turned and STARED at the man. Just briefly. From across the doughnut shop. 

Now we had to invite him to the movie. Otherwise, he might think we were staring and talking about him unkindly. I suddenly felt very brave. 

 "Excuse me sir. Hello. How are you?" 

"Okay I guess." 

"My son and I are about to go see a movie. Would you like to join us?" 

"Oh no, no, I couldn't do that." he said waving his hand across his chest. 

"Are you sure" big smile. 

"No no, I couldn't." he said. 

"Okay, well, have a nice day." 

My son may always remember the day his crazy mother invited a stranger to the movies. 

I will always wonder how our invitation made this man feel. Did it make him feel less invisible to the world? Brighten his day a little?  We may never know. 

If I could go back, I would do it differently. Introduce ourselves first. Sit down and get to know this man's name and his story. Maybe he would have felt more comfortable with us inviting him to a movie. Maybe we would have made a friend that day. 

If you live in the Tulsa area (we don't), and feel like swinging by Krispy Kreme (who doesn't!?), would you do me a favor and keep an eye out for this man? If you find him, tell him we're sorry. We're sorry we didn't spend more time talking to you. For not asking your name first. We'd love a second chance. 

My son would love to meet you, properly. 


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