Friday, May 12, 2017

42 Ways to Change the World

If I could, I would absolutely change this world. I'd place every kid in foster care into a loving home, I'd make sure every kid gets the opportunity to go to school. I'd wrap my arms around every orphan and tell them they are incredibly loved and created by God and His people are here to be the arms of God wrapped around their battered hearts. I'd stop the horrors of child abuse and human trafficking. Lock those perpetrators away forever. I'd give every struggling parent living in poverty just trying to feed their children a dignified job. If I had absolute power, I'd change this world in a hot minute. I bet you would too. 

I can't change the entire world on my own. Together, we can. Below are some organizations tackling what seems like the impossible task. They are slaying dragons every single day, rescuing kids from the horrible claws of poverty and hopelessness. Have you partnered with them? Is there an organization I missed that I should add to my list?