Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Responsibility of Each Generation: Graneys Go Sabbatical Week 3

Lots of memories were made the last 9 days at Word of Life Camp in Schroon Lake, New York. We enjoyed sleeping later, cooking our own meals, hiking in the woods, attending chapel and a class at Word of Life Bible Institute, visiting the 1980 Olympics sites in Lake Placid, climbing up to overlooks and water falls, and making cookies and popcorn each evening while watching all 5 Rocky movies! The movies were surprisingly better than I remembered!  “Yo Adrianne! We did it!”

On Monday, we took a day trip over to Niagara Falls. We crossed over to the Canadian side and enjoyed this fantastic display of beauty and rushing waters! The boys were tempted to climb and hang over the railing, but since there was no sign of superman or even Clark Kent around, we discouraged it.

We had a lovely meal on a beautifully decorated table with china and delicious food at Carol Lough’s house. We have known Carol since her husband, Don, was on staff at Tulsa Bible Church in the early years of our marriage. It was delightful to visit and catch up with her and her son Don’s family. Don is the Executive Director of Word of Life.

Speaking of Word of life, if you have never heard of this incredible ministry, let me have the pleasure of introducing you! Word of Life was started by an evangelist, Jack Wyrtzen who travelled the US, starting Bible clubs and preaching the gospel in the 1940’s. In the Jack Wyrtzen center, there is a photo of the audience where he filled Madison Square Gardens with people coming to hear the gospel. We’re standing in front of it and his podium below. Random connection, Jack Wyrtzen’s son, Dave Wyrtzen pastored my grandparent’s church in Texas. I always enjoyed hearing Dave’s preaching when we would visit their church as I was growing up.

Jack Wyrtzen bought an island in Schroon Lake, NY in 1946 and Word of Life Camp began. Today, Word of Life is an international presence, with active ministries in 69 different countries around the world, hosting 82,280 campers this past year at Word of Life Camps. There are also 14 Word of Life Bible Institutes in: Brazil, USA, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Hungary, the Philippines, South Korea, Uganda, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Jack Wyten said, “It is the responsibility of the youth of each generation to reach their generation for Christ.” What are you doing to reach your generation for Christ?

Okay, so now, here comes a plethora of photos! Maybe too many photos but……enjoy!
We found Lewis and Clark!

It got really hot hiking up here. No, really.
I shed down to a tank top by the end but you won't see that here.

Mount Severence overlooking Schroon Lake. We decided we kinda like each other!

This was a pretty big waterfall.
Oh, it's Niagara Falls!

You can't really see it here, but the energy in this room was amazing!  Chapel at the Bible Institute.
Somebody likes the gold.

Posing for medals. I let Abigail win of course.

We tried to get Caleb to slide down this 1980's Olympic ski jump, but he declined for some reason.
Do you believe in miracles?
Site of 1980 hockey game where Olympic history was made in historic US win over Russia.

This guy did! Pretty cool inscription.

We'll call this mirror lake.

And here we're jumping.....because that's what you do at mirror lake...
See the kids way up high? Don't worry, I told them not to slip.
I think I like it here....this sabbatical journey.

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  1. The pictures are great, glad you'll are having a good time can't wait to see everyone in a week or so.


    Mema & Papa