Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fashionrut Funday Monday: It's Anthropologie baby...maybe!

It's been a while since I have published a fashionrut post, and for those of you who have desperately missed my fabulous thrift store finds, fashionrut is baaaaaacccccckkkkkk!

I could say that I've been too busy watching the Olympics, but that would be a lie. Unfortunately, while four years ago I was all, ''Hey kids we HAVE to watch this!" this year, it's almost totally passed us by. Except tonight we turned it on briefly and saw a 41-year-old, Oksana, from Uzbekistan on the vault.

Guys, the first day of school starts tomorrow for us! I'm so excited! And after the kids saw their little piles of cute school supplies, they are getting excited too. I expect that to last about 27 minutes into the schedule for tomorrow, but we'll see. It is the first day of school, but I'm not planning to wear this great new dress I bought at.....guess where..... the Goodwill for $3. No surprise there! I don't recognize the brand, but I decided that I'll go ahead and say it's from Anthropologie because when you see it......totally, right?!

Without further ado:
This summer has been the summer of working late shifts at the nursing home, and sleeping in like EVERY day, so getting up for church this morning and having time to fix my hair just didn't happen, hence the ponytail. The teal bead necklace is from Noonday, a great place to become a world changer by supporting third world entrepreneurs, so definitely check them out. I really shouldn't wear a dress this short because of my knobby knees. I promise, I'm not growing potatoes under those knees, they've been that way my whole life. And here is another pic of the dress, where I am pretending to love my dog.

Dog lovers, don't be hatin'. I got this dog for my three little boys who I happen to love enough to let them have a dog. And she house trained in like 2 weeks, so she's okay in my book. That's about as affectionate as I get when it comes to an animal.

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