Sunday, May 1, 2016

Three things every Mom wants for Mother's Day

What does every mom want for Mother's Day? You mean besides.....

a long UNINTERRUPTED nap....
a few hours to HERSELF...
a hot delicious MEAL someone ELSE prepared for her.....

I'm willing to bet my minivan that 95% of moms just want the above three things for Mother's Day. And since those three things are basically FREE to give her (and if you wanna keep mama happy you best get those three little things taken care of first) let's look at a gift just about any mom would also love!

How about a new handbag from JOYN?! It's more than a handbag it's....

a chance to give back dignity to the disrespected,

a chance to provide an artisan living in India the tools to pull themselves out of poverty,

a chance to help those dealing with hunger, abuse, leprosy, and drug addiction, and connect them with education and skills and access to a world market,

a chance to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God!

Sounds like a fab gift idea to me!

If you are looking for a gift for mom, and know that she would love to be a part of all of the above, check out the bags from JOYN! Based in Rajpur, India, JOYN employs over 200 individuals, many of them disabled or rescued off the streets, who now have a future and a hope.

I attended a JOYN's warehouse sale in our city this past weekend, and was able to get these beauties as gifts for several of my people! These are just some of the smaller ones. There are lots more on their website here. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the block printed fabrics and designs!

Check out what JOYN does to change lives in India below!

And in case you need to know what NOT to do for your mom or wife on Mother's Day watch this:

Well there you have it, what every mom wants and doesn't want this Mother's Day!

If you know of other organizations like JOYN and Noonday who are providing employment, hope, and a future for individuals rising out of poverty, please comment below with links to their websites!