Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Red Coat for Fashionrut Funday!

Last year on my blog, I gave away a sweet Aztec print Roxy coat, to the first reader who chose to sponsor a child at My Father's House in Uganda. So naturally, this year I needed a new coat! I found this cherry red one for $20 at Plato's Closet, an awesome resale clothing store in Fayetteville, AR.  

These perfect yellow-brown suede boots were even less!

Could I have gone out and spent $100 on a new coat this year? Sure, but instead I have a different goal in mind. I've been researching extreme poverty in the world. Did you know that in the last generation, because of the hard work of charitable organizations like Compassion International, the amount of people living in extreme poverty has been CUT IN HALF! This means the amount of people starving every day and dying of easily preventable diseases has been CUT IN HALF! Isn't that amazing? What will this new generation accomplish? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could eradicate extreme poverty in the world?   

Today the 138 million people who claim to be Christians living in the United States of America make a combined income of 2.5 trillion dollars a year. If we could all choose to be just 1% more generous towards the helping the poor with our money, think of the impact! That 1% alone would add up to 25 Billion dollars! That's 25 billion dollars a year! 

So today, I'm posting a picture of me in my cherry red coat and suede boots, and asking you to spend less and choose generosity! 

There is now a new banner on the sidebar of my blog that will take you directly to Compassion International's sponsorship page, and if you sponsor a child from the link in my banner or from here, Compassion will give my own sponsored child, Gabriel in the Dominican Republic, a gift! Isn't that marvelous?! If you sponsor a child, not only will they be released from poverty, they will also have the opportunity to meet Jesus! 

Watch this short powerful video below for a glimpse into the life-changing message of Compassion and be inspired to release a child from poverty in Jesus' name!


  1. April! I am so grateful for your heart, so grateful for your love for Jesus and so grateful for how you love children living in poverty. You are one bright light. I am so grateful you shared your heart!