Thursday, August 8, 2013

What about a mini skirt?

I used to never wear mini skirts. That is, until one day I was walking around freezing in the Walmart air conditioning in my running shorts and all of a sudden realized that a mini skirt could actually be LONGER than my Nike shorts! As long as it is not a super short barely cover your you-know-what kind of mini skirt, it can be quite cute, casual, and comfortable to wear. You must, however, be sure that you know how to sit modestly, and I suggest wearing boy short style you-know-what's underneath so it is less "breezy." And as far as mini skirts being in style or not, I'll be honest. I have no idea. Here's my favorite mini skirt: 

Wonder how we can get this grass to grow?
Also, after my friend Beth Ann came to visit, I realized not only do I not own a pair of shoes with flowers on them, I also don't own any wedges. But I remedied that today with a gift card I had. That combined with a 30% off sale at a store that rhymes with map means these cost me only $11.58. They don't have flowers, but they do have cute orange straps, which I am pretty sure I need to find some nail polish to match. I'll let you know if they really are as comfortable as my friend says after I wear them this weekend to two weddings I am attending.  

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