Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The summer sundress

On a sultry August summer day (Oops, okay it's actually unusually cool for August, and it's actually still July) the best outfit to choose for traveling is the summer sundress. I know this because my wonderful friend Beth Ann, arrived here today after traveling in a car for about 6 hours looking absolutely amazing. I wish I had a picture of her just getting out of the car in our driveway, but I was way too excited to see her since it's been four years since we've seen each other. Please let me introduce you to Beth Ann, probably my biggest Fashionrut fan, since she convinced me to post again tonight.

Reunited Friends!

While I've been back in my fashion rut the last few weeks, BA (short for Beth Ann!) arrived and she definitely outdid me in the fashion department today! This dress is from a store called, NEXT, in Oxford, England. She bought it on a getaway with her husband, Michael. The great thing about these loose flowing dresses is how comfy they are, especially, you know, after having kids and all that happens around the middle area afterward. I mean, I don't have to worry about that of course, but it's what I hear. 
All the women in England, as soon as the weather gets hot, run for a summer sundress. Never a shorts and t-shirt! I'd better learn this lesson before heading over there this fall!

Oh, and she also wore these incredible shoes, and she wants you know something about wedges. She says, "You think they are impractical and uncomfortable, but they are actually feel fantastic to wear and these particular ones go with everything!

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