Thursday, June 27, 2013

What exercise has to do with fashion

Does exercise really have anything to do with fashion? I'm going to say that it does. And here's why. For people who really believe in fashion (this may or may not include me, I'm still figuring that out), having fashion means exuding confidence. Confidence in who you are, confidence in your choices, confidence to take risks and stand out. It can be a state of mind. Here's where exercise comes in for me personally. Sometimes I have crappy days. Days where I want to stay in bed and do nothing because I am completely overwhelmed with life and the tasks I have before me. Energy levels are low, and confidence in myself is low. One of the biggest factors in getting me out of that slump and on with real living is going for a run. I force myself out of the house when I am feeling like an Eeyore, but by the time I return I am more like superwoman. Now superwoman is in sort of a fashion rut herself with all the red white and blue, but she has the confidence part down. So in summary, what I'm sort of saying is that exercise gives you a confidence lift and confidence helps with fashion. What do you think?
Do you see how I tried matching my running shirt to my shorts this time?
Maybe it looks good, but running in a black shirt in the summer is the worst! I won't do that again!

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