Friday, June 21, 2013

The Skirt

Since I had to actually google "what to wear with black shorts" the other day, I think that is a pretty sure sign that I know nothing about fashion. After clicking images from my google search, I discovered that black goes really well with white. Incredible. I wonder if the same thing applies to grey? I have felt for a while that skirts are really fun to wear in the summer as a great alternative to shorts. And I still prefer t's. So here's the grey and white combo I put together today. As part of my rebellion against fashion, I put back on my Toms, I neglected to iron the shirt, which needed it, and refused to wear earrings since I already had on a necklace. No need to go overboard! 

Still comfy but cute?

Looking at the hair. I grew my hair out long because I liked seeing others cute braids and styles with their long hair. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at any of those things, and basically go with either up in a pony tail or straight down. This is my attempt to try a side pony tail. I think maybe I am too old for it. HA!


  1. It's like I'M writing this blog. Every part of it!

  2. You're wearing Tom's shoes?!! Better google again....phew! BTW: from art school: gray is a neutral color that literally goes with any color. The only thing you have to determine is the contrast or not to contrast. It's a nice safe color.

    1. That's such good information to know about gray!!! Thanks!