Sunday, June 30, 2013

Start your own trend

Sometimes fashion means starting your own trend. This trend took off about ten years ago at the summer camp where I live. Our counselors are required to wear a staff shirt every Sunday when campers are arriving. One of our girl staff, (the great Miss Katie Lepine) decided to wear skirts on Sundays and now ten years later, the girls are still wearing them. So there you go, be unique. Start your own trend.
Me trying to look like a camp counselor. 

While we're talking about skirts. How about this nifty tiered skirt hanger? Just got one when I cleaned out my closet and now I can actually see the skirts I own! 

The skirt in the front is actually supposed to be a tube top, but I wear it as a skirt! 


  1. This may just be the only "trend" that convinces my tomgirl to wear a skirt on a regular basis! You'll have to spy on her for me this weekend and see if it works. =)

    wendy donley

  2. Very nice outfit!! I like the skirt idea!! Way to go Katie!!