Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to be a writer

About 18 years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to take a visiting well-known author and speaker to the airport for his flight home. Just before he left, I finally got the courage to ask him, "How do I become a writer?" His answer was so simplistic I couldn't believe it. He simply said, "then write." This up-until-then very animated verbose human being stopped right there. And then he left! I was so mad! He was supposed to give me some fabulous insight on how to publish a book, or at least an article, and then get on the speaking circuit for all of my accomplished writing. At least he could have told me what to write about! Yes, I was so young then I really didn't even know that. So here I am almost 40, and I finally see the wisdom in his advice. To be a writer, you have to write. Every day. Simple as that. Eventually as your heart comes through in your writing, maybe someone will listen. Hence, this blog. A simple little practice in writing every day that I put out there for the world to see.
hmmmm...what should I write about?

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